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My Vertigo is Gone

I am a 55 year old female who suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes and the new one is vertigo - I was suffering with vertigo at least 1 time every two weeks, leaving me bed-ridden and unable to function or work my normal job. I was informed by my primary physician that going to a chiropractor might be able to assist me with my vertigo - because medication and exercises given were not of help in any way; they just caused me more discomfort and heartache. So I found a chiropractor and my results were beyond my expectations - not only am I vertigo free, but my vitality in life has returned. My full strength is back and I find myself not needing all the vitamin supplements to keep my mind in focus - I feel I am alive again. I feel more alert due to the adjustment, my blood sugar has leveled off, even my eye sight has managed to get better. I cannot thank you more for your services. I am grateful for your existence and I would highly recommend anyone being hindered by vertigo to get help and enjoy your life again. - Sylvia 


Chiropractic Helped My Knee Pain

During my freshman year in high school I started to experience excruciating knee pains. Being a high school athlete, I assumed these pains were on account of over exertion through every day practices. So I just went through the typical routine of icing every day followed by Advil. Sure enough, I got to the point where I was nearly forced to tears because of the pain. My coaches and my teammates were noticing that my knees were holding me back. So finally I decided to seek professional help.

I went to see a doctor first. The doctor told me that I would need full blown surgery to fix the issues with my knee. This obviously upset me, because as any athlete knows, I would be losing precious training time and possibly, some season time. So I decided to pursue a different route. I made an appointment with Sheridan Chiropractic to see if there was anything they could do to help alleviate the pain. He told me first off that surgery was completely unnecessary for my condition and that the pain could be fixed completely through a series of adjustments and muscle therapy sessions. I was completely ready to give it a try, because of course, I would prefer anything over surgery. At the same time, I had heard all the talk of “chiropractic doesn’t work” or “chiropractors aren’t real doctors” so of course I had my doubts.

I went for my first visit and noticed practically instantaneously a miraculous difference. After only one visit, I could see my pain starting to subside. I continued going to the chiropractor for about two months and now four years later, have NEVER had a problem with my knees at all. I even went back for help with my shin splints later and can say those disappeared just as easily. After experiencing the pain I went through and then seeing how easily it disappeared, I would hands down recommend chiropractic treatment tor any pain!


Shelby Wamas

Pain From Rear-End Collision Now Better

Prior to going to Sheridan Chiropractic, I was a normal 21 year old college student. I attended classes at Mt. San Jacinto and attended to my responsibilities as Miss City of Menifee. Then, on October 15, 2012, I was rear ended in a car accident. I didn’t immediately feel the effects of the accident until later on that day, but when I did, I knew something was definitely wrong. I could not reach for objects that I had no trouble in the past reaching. I could not concentrate in class, and I could not attend Menifee events effectively. I was recommended to Sheridan Chiropractic by my boyfriend’s mother. I was definitely scared on my first visit. Seeing and hearing the sound of cracking bones did not put my mind at ease, but the front office staff assured me that I was in very good hands. They led me into the examination room and explained in detail the nature of my injuries and what it was going to take to relieve my pain. I was then introduced to Dr. Shamus Sheridan. He took my x-rays and showed me the curve in my spine. He then explained what would happen if it was left untreated, and again reassured me that it would not be a painful process to correct. I then was introduced to his brother and fellow chiropractor, Dr. Sean Sheridan who explained that they provide a natural, holistic approach to the healing process. I was looking forward to approaching this method of healing because I really did not want to continue to take the THREE prescriptions my doctor prescribed to me. From my first visit to my last, I was taken care of in the most helpful and positive way. All my questions were answered by the staff and the doctors. Throughout the everyday process of appointments I began to feel extremely better. In the beginning, I could barely move around but after my adjustments I began to feel better. I stopped taking my prescriptions after the second week of treatment. Now I can reach objects with more flexibility and without pain. I can concentrate in class and attend the Menifee City events feeling stronger and happier. Thank you, to the Sheridans and staff for making me feel comfortable and for making me feel 100x’s better than when I walked in after my accident.

Thank You So Much!

Camille Rene’

Miss City of Menifee 2012-2013

Relief From Migraines, Neck and Shoulder Pain

I began coming to Sheridan Chiropractic in August 2014 after I had been in an auto accident and was suffering from regular migraine headaches, neck pain and stiffness as well as shoulder pain. I searched the internet for local chiropractors and came across Sheridan Chiropractic.

Chiropractic care impacted my life in a positive and painless manner. My headaches diminished after my first treatment and my pain is completely gone.

If a friend or family member was curious about chiropractic care I would encourage them to try it because conventional medication did not help me at all. I was very pleased by the dramatic improvement in the level of pain that I was having and the significant decrease in migraines and neck tension.

The staff and doctors are amazing and very accommodating to your needs and their teaching of techniques is very thorough and helpful

L. Wagner